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“How to order from Golden Temple: Sit back and relax, take a deep breath, soften your glare, untie your knots, settle your dust.” These are the instructions on the first page of Golden Temple's menu. When you enter Golden Temple, you step into a realm of relaxed luxury. The simple pleasures of eating, drinking, conversation and dining are encouraged.


The same philosophy holds true in the kitchen. Chefs use simple, fresh, healthful ingredients in exceptional ways to create contemporary Asian dishes. The modern, dramatic settings of the dining rooms are the perfect backdrop for an equally modern menu of fine Asian cuisine. All your favorites are there, as well as many contemporary dishes unique to the restaurant. Specialties include Golden Temple barbecued ribs, ginger Chilean sea bass and Chardonnay chicken. You can also enjoy shao-mai, a traditional dish of Asian steamed dumplings, the E room tenderloin of beef, Beijing duck and ginger scallion lobster.

Every bottle on the Wine Spectator Award winning wine list is thoughtfully chosen with your good taste in mind. The drink menu features an extensive selection of contemporary cocktails and martinis as well as the classics.


The E Room bar has an overall atmosphere that is sweet, slow and sexy. With a backdrop of warm colors and seductive lighting, the bar features late night dining, martinis and dancing with the house DJ.

Embrace the moment and enjoy a soul-soothing evening at Golden Temple.

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